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DESIGN MANAGEMENT - Balancing creativity, viability and sustainability

What is a designer now? What was the role of a designer in the past, and how has that changed over the past fifty years? Designers can address the unique challenges that we face today, by embedding design strategy into business strategy. Design Management balances the needs and solutions creativity provides, with the ethos of feasibility and sustainability. Explore all posts in Design Management.

INCLusive design leadership

Over the past fifteen years, the Caribbean based design firm Abovegroup has been a sanctuary of big ideas and a driver of sophistication for building powerful brands, while building a strategic design sector. - Human-Centered DesigN

Our team at Abovegroup immersed ourselves in and +Acumen's human-centered design course, applying it to challenges in Trinidad. We also workshopped the method with students at the Artisans for Change initiative hosted by UNESCO.

interview with bruce mau

In this interview, Mau discusses the structures we have created to support our life styles, and discusses the underlying and unavoidable links between design and economies that must support and sustain nine billion souls.


Design has become the twenty-first century's

catalyst within
culture and commerce.




Managing change within businesses, non-profits and societies means cultivating an environment where diverse, multi-disciplinary teams can flourish. Mentoring, visioning and applying design thinking to complex problems can create positive impact that sparks changes in behaviour and the human condition. Explore all posts in Culture Change.

antilles economics interview

Featured interview in the June 2017 edition of Antilles Economics Quarterly newsletter, From the Minds of Marketers, which showcases business leaders across the Caribbean creating impact in advertising, marketing and research. 

the Seeking Amani Project

In the lush Kilimanjaro district of Mwanga, Tanzania,  the creative workshop Seeking Amani (Kiswahili for peace) at the Amani Vumwe School helps children to gain a deeper understanding of themselves, their community and the wider environment.

togetherwi - design and advocacy

In creating an iterative design strategy, brand and website for a group of passionate creatives working toward a better Trinidad and Tobago, we re-discovered the revolutionary power of a collective voice, and re-affirmed our own aspirations to be agents of change.


For billions of years, nature has demonstrated that

a thriving, sustainable world already exists.



nature as mentor

Biomimicry is the conscious emulation of nature’s forms, functions and systems - in effect, it brings together the disciplines of design and biology. This emerging field which looks to the strategies of the world’s ecosystems and abstracts nature’s tried and true methods, applying them to product design, innovation, as well as tackling social and business problems. Explore all posts in Biomimicry.

exploring nature's genius in costa rica

A life-changing journey to Costa Rica's Pacific coast and immersion in biomimicry methodology; exploring interlinking ecosystems as inspiration for groundbreaking, sustainable innovations to solve some of earth's most pressing challenges.

Workshop at Northeastern College

Biomimicry workshop at Northeastern College in Sangre Grande, Trinidad, with members of their Environmental club, Citizens of a Respected Earth (C.O.R.E.). We had a fun afternoon trying out a biomimicry card game developed by Wiithaa Circular Design Agency in Paris.

young citizens of a respected earth

First keynote address on biomimicry at bpTT's School's Environmental Awareness Art and Writing Competition in Guayaguayare with about 100 students ranging from 5 years to 12 years, and first workshop at Northeastern College.