TogetherWI - A Creative Collective Finds Its Voice


Problem Outline

TogetherWI is a creative collective working for positive change using art and design to build awareness and advocacy. The ‘WI’ suffix (for “West Indies’) is a nod to the West Indies Federation of 1958, seen back then as “the remedy for our divided weakness”. TogetherWI believe in working together to remedy, re-image and re-imagine our region and by extension our world through their work. By leveraging the power of art as a tool of inspiration, imagination and innovation, the campaigns and initiatives taken on by the group are intended to stimulate awareness, engagement and ultimately, action. The group, under founding members Anya Ayoung-Chee and Muhammad Muwakil and its first campaign, the now iconic LeaveMeAlone campaign was launched on February 14th in partnership with SaySomething and CariMAN, galvanising a new generation of Caribbean feminism. My role on this project was research and strategy development as part of the Abovegroup team.


Strategic Input 

We developed an adaptive and iterative strategy manifesto which captured the ethos of the group - inventive, influential and disruptive. This would change over time so the collective mantra of “creativity, controlled chaos and culture change” was meant to evolve over time as the group progressed and various initiatives continued to shape it.

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Design Outcome

The wordmark and first iteration of the website included templates for the LeaveMeAlone campaign artwork to be replicated by anyone who chose to download it, and was used regionally on International Women’s Day. At the time, the campaign included full page advertisements in regional newspapers, to be re-purposed as placards in the march. The identity incorporates nods to its Federation inspiration – the colours, as they did for the Federation, represent the waves of the ocean under the central and unifying force the Caribbean sun.


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As part of TogetherWI’s inception, the first campaign LeaveMeAlone, drove home a clear message against gender-based violence and women’s rights, finding strong footholds during a festival celebrating the freedom to be oneself. This garnered international media spotlight as well, making it to the front page of the Washington post. Embedded within all of this was the solid foundation of shared goals among a growing group of talented individuals whose creativity was only surpassed by their passion for a better world. We look forward to seeing many more to come.

Culture ChangeGiselle Carr