AIGA Pivot Conference – Design for Social Innovation Presentation Design

Illustration by Robert Cartar

Illustration by Robert Cartar


Every two years, hundreds of designers make plans to attend the AIGA Design Conference, and in 2011 I designed one of the presentations that was shown, and designed the Triple Bottom Line by Design model in collaboration with my mentor, Dr. Mary McBride.


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The 2011 “Pivot: AIGA Design Conference” conference was no exception, with the theme of the changing nature of the design industry. Through inspiring sessions, practical workshops and in-depth discussion, attendees and presenters explored the shifts prompting changes in society, the economy and culture—and learned how to prepare for the complexities of the future. This single gathering connects designers with people and ideas on the leading edge of the design profession, addressing the challenges and issues that matter most. The presentation, Design for Social Innovation, reminds us that it is not only design that is at a critical inflection point—it is our shared world. Design can be a force for change in that world, and in fact, a reason for change.


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Design offers options and alternatives. It encourages desire and enables action, and it is not afraid of complexity. Designers are trained to discover and to explore—they understand behavior in the context of a complex ecology of behaviors.This presentation explores the evolving context for design and its implications for design decision making and social innovation. It presents a model for Triple Bottom Line by Design (TBLD) strategic design thinking and practice that can create sustainable advantage for organizations while advantaging people and our shared world. Designers will be encouraged to examine how they can evolve their practice to more fully meet the needs of business, society and markets. Illustrations by Robert Cartar. Watch the video of the full presentation here.

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